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Islamic Philanthropy in Tanzania: Unexploited Treasure

Tanzania has the largest Muslim community in Eastern and Southern Africa and has a long tradition of Islamic philanthropic activities dating back to the introduction of Islam in the ninth century. However, Islamic philanthropic institutions...

Islamic Philanthropy in Egypt: Planted on Earth and Reaching to The Sky

During the 18 days from 25 January to the 11 February 2012, Tahrir Square was filled with millions of Egyptians and was full of life because everyone had something to share with others. Giving...

Philanthropy for Social Justice in Islamic Societies: Rights-based Approach

Should the charitable practices be conceived in terms of a moral and social “right” of the beneficiaries to receive assistance? In view of religious motivation of charitable giving by the vast...

Islam, Philanthropy and Social Justice: An Overview

Can zakat money be used to support scholarship programs for poor students – including for non-Muslims– or be used for long-term development projects? Could Muslim philanthropy organizations receive donation from a corporation, including from non-Muslims?

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