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Philanthropy for Social Justice in Islamic Societies: Rights-based Approach

Should the charitable practices be conceived in terms of a moral and social “right” of the beneficiaries to receive assistance? In view of religious motivation of charitable giving by the vast...

Islam, Philanthropy and Social Justice: An Overview

Can zakat money be used to support scholarship programs for poor students – including for non-Muslims– or be used for long-term development projects? Could Muslim philanthropy organizations receive donation from a corporation, including from non-Muslims?

Islamic Philanthropy in Tanzania: Unexploited Treasure

Tanzania has the largest Muslim community in Eastern and Southern Africa and has a long tradition of Islamic philanthropic activities dating back to the introduction of Islam in the ninth century. However, Islamic philanthropic institutions...

Islamic Philanthropy in Indonesia: Modernization, Islamization, and Social Justice

In Indonesia, the practice of philanthropy has transformed over time and the term has different nuances. This article acknowledges the conceptual difference between charity and philanthropy. Whereas...

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