The video of book launch and discussion of Soul Catcher: Java’s Fiery Prince Mangkunagara I, 1726-1795, and Tribute to Prof. MC. Ricklefs held at UIN Jakarta on 26 September 2018 by Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Social Trust Fund UIN Jakarta.

Thank you for your kind contribution and participation for the success of the event.

Best wishes,

Content of the video:

  1. Welcome and introduction by Dr Amelia Fauzia, Dr Fuad Jabali, and Prof Sukron Kamil
  2. Book launch by Prof. Taufik Abdullah
  3. Introductory note from Prof MC. Ricklefs
  4. Talk by Prof Azyumardi Azra
  5. Talk by Prof Peter Carey
  6. Talk by Prof Oman Fathurrahman
  7. Q & A
  8. Tribute from students, friends, and colleagues: Prof Masdar Hilmy, Prof. Jamhari Makruf, Dr Lutfi Assyaukani, Dr Chaider Bamualim, Prof Suaidi Asy’ari, Dr Fachry Ali, Dr Amelia Fauzia, and Dr Fuad Jabali.
  9. Epilogue from Prof. Ricklefs
  10. Closing and appreciation


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